Major growth rate in Kenyan demand and output

29 April 2015

Kenya’s National Bureau of Statistics Data shows cement production stood at 5.88Mt in 2014, up 16.27% from the 5.05Mt recorded a year earlier. Cement consumption in 2014 stood at 5.19Mt from 4.26Mt in 2013, rising by 22% YoY.

East African Portland Cement Co managing director, Kephar Tande, said: “Infrastructural projects have played a big part in the growth in demand of cement and will continue to do so. Private developers for housing and commercial buildings also played a big part.”

The government has major infrastructure projects under way, especially in transport and energy: the SGR railway from Mombasa to Uganda and Ethiopia, the Lamu-Sudan-Ethiopia (LAPSET) corridor, countrywide road upgrades, geothermal power plants, irrigation projects and new oil pipelines.

As with all other sub-Saharan Africa countries, the main economic growth driver in Kenya continues to be the infrastructure gap, as is demand for residential housing as urbanisation increases.


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