Majuba collapse ‘unexpected’

04 November 2014

In an impromptu press conference that took place recently, the Eskom executive team said the “collapse” of one of its coal storage silos at its newest power station,

the Majuba power station in Mpumalanga, has forced Eskom to cut power across the country and introduce new load-shedding schedules.

Majuba is one of the youngest power stations and the collapse was ‘unexpected’, Matona said.  The power station was constructed in 1994 but became fully operational in 2001.  

“By Saturday our system reserves were basically exhausted,” said Steve Lennon, Eskom’s sustainability group executive.

“There will be load-shedding today [Sunday] until 10pm tonight and certainly for next week. The risks are tomorrow [Monday] during peak hours six o’clock to eight o’clock [in the evening]; Wednesday six to ten o’clock [pm] and the whole of Thursday.”

“Those are the risk periods,” said Lennon, “and if anything happens between today and during the week, the load-shedding will change”.

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