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16 April 2015

Trelawny’s MHS11 introduces a new concept in pneumatic floor scabblers. Using smaller heads with a 70% increase in BPM (Blows Per Minute), productivity, efficiency, cost and ergonomics are prioritised without compromising performance.

The MHS11’s high blow rate packs the punch required for the most demanding surface preparation while reducing cracking and damage to the substrate often associated with this type of machine.

It is the perfect option for concrete levelling and reduction tasks in preparation for applying new overlays. The 11 carbide-tipped scabbling heads, each delivering 2200 BPM, make easy work of the toughest of jobs.

With a 250-mm cutting width, the MHS11 can reduce concrete of up to 3 mm at a rate of 30 m2 per hour giving a profile perfect for bonding fresh materials.

Requiring only 55 cfm (26 LPS) of compressed air, the MHS11 is also efficient, saving operator costs. Weighing just 70 kgs, the MHS11 is easy to transport and comfortable to handle.

Trelawny’s unique Vibro-Lo™ vibration reduction system reduces operator vibration exposure by up to 6 times that of old style “Pram scabblers”
Simple and rugged construction is a part of Trelawny’s design principle. Simple to operate, low and easy maintenance means the MHS11 spends more time on site earning money rather than sitting in the workshop.

Sealed-in components protect the major working parts from dust ingress while the optional dust shroud gives the operator full dust control and protection when used with a professional industrial dust collector such as Trelawny’s A45 model.

Potential for long-term hires with the added benefit of regular consumable sales means that while giving contractors great value in performance and cost, the MHS11 quickly pays its way on the hire fleet.

Hand-held scabblers
Mayday Equipment also offers Trelawny’s SH and SC ranges of pneumatic hand-held concrete scabblers which are ideal for fast profiling and preparation of concrete. Available in single-piston and triple-piston models, they are perfect for preparing walls, edges, columns and joints for bonding and applying new material.

The carbide-tipped pistons remove the weak laitance layer on the concrete leaving a keyed surface for the new material to bond to.

The lightweight and compact design means they can reach areas that standard hammers and breakers can’t.
Fewer moving parts and easy maintenance mean all Trelawny scabblers can be fixed with minimum fuss and little downtime on site.

More information from Mayday on Tel: +27(0) 011 614 2023/4

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