Mayday’s Syntesi 350 mixers incorporate innovative features

31 July 2015

Mayday Equipment has supplemented its range of Syntesi electrically-driven concrete mixers with petrol-driven variants. This move underlines the company’s commitment to safety compliance on the mines where the Syntesi mixers are used.

A great deal of attention was paid to detail during the engineering of the Syntesi 350 concrete mixer. “This has resulted in several innovations, including optimum stability of the drum while loading material.

The traditional drum lock mechanism, which is found on concrete mixers, has been completely eliminated from this design. In addition the elimination of the ring gear and pinion gears used to rotate the drum significantly reduces the cost of maintenance.

“The traditional mixer uses a 2:1 reduction drive engine whereas the Syntesi 350 uses a direct drive Honda GX160QX. This reduces the overall cost of the machine and results in lower maintenance costs as well as a greater commonality of parts, as this engine is commonly is used for smaller plant,”

Adding to the safety features is the emergency stop switch located on the outside of the engine cabin, which allows the operator to quickly and easily cut the engine when required. The machine is designed for use in the most demanding environments. With the mixing drum constructed in high resistance forged steel and the powder coated framework, the Syntesi 350 is built for optimum reliability and robustness.

In addition, the patented transmission system with gearbox and high resistance Poly-V belt is enclosed in the drum support arm housing to provide maximum protection from sand and other aggregates. Transmission belt tightening can be done quickly and safely without disassembling the motor canopy.

The drum paddles are bolted on to make replacement easier and the drum itself is more resistant to the breakage that is typical where welded paddles are included. Another design element, which is typical of the Imer mixing system used by the Syntesi 350, is the large bottomed drum with counter-bottom, special paddle geometry and low drum speed.

All of these elements result in a more uniform, well-blended mixture.
Effortless drum tilting, when working with capacities from 280 to 345 kg, is provided through the gearbox and the large worm screw tilting wheel. The Syntesi 350 is lightweight, yet sturdy and reliable at the same time offering protection against accidental overturning with the adoption of the gear motor. Operation is focused on noise reduction, with noise emission levels of lower than 75 dB(A).

The 186-kg Syntesi 350 petrol-driven concrete mixer, which is also available with a diesel engine on request, is designed and built to solve the typical problems of traditional concrete mixers. This mixer is the result of extensive research and design and will be a welcome addition to any rental or end-user fleet.
Also in Mayday Equipment’s range of concrete mixers, are the mortar mixers models ranging from 56lt to 120lt. these are ideal for small building sites or refurbishment work

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