MBA Training Portal for CPD points

11 November 2014

Master Builders Association (MBA) North is in the final stages of launching a Training Portal for professionals to acquire essential Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points – without leaving their offices or homes.

Dr Deon Landmann, Education, Training & Transformation Manager of MBA North, says :“There are a set number of points to be earned in a given time period by attending seminars, congresses or training workshops. However, these meetings can be quite expensive from loss of productivity, travelling costs, and often accommodation expenses. This new service will address these issues for MBA North members as well as non-members.”

“Some of the material on the site will be free, and some chargeable – but the tariffs will still be much more affordable than attending seminars, workshops, or congresses. MBA North members will receive discounts on these courses.

“Material to be covered on the Training Portal will include JBCC seminars, BBBEE workshops, Time Management, Project Management and other ‘soft skills’ courses.

“MBA North will keep members informed when the Training Portal will be launched, hopefully within the next month or two,” Landmann adds.

More information from Deon Landmann or Sarah Mnyandu, Tel: +27(0)11 805 6611 /

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