Milan moves, with Cifa

06 July 2015

The K41 XRZ sets a fast pace on the Tangenziale Est Esterna di Milano (TEEM), Mi-lan Outer Eastern Bypass

Without a doubt, one of the most important ongoing infrastructural interventions in Italy today is the TEEM construction site, Milan Outer Bypass, which passes east of the city and is destined to re-lieve the current extreme traffic congestion in the Greater Milan area, improving traffic flows to the east and south of the city.

The bypass, together with BreBeMi, to which it’s connected through a highway junction (already completed), is also one of the pillars in support of EXPO 2015, the World Exposition that this year was held in Milan, starting from May 1st.

The project is regarded as being of strategic importance, as evidenced by the inclusion of TEEM in the list of works that make up the Trans-European Transport Network.

The project will also provide a financial boost, creating 28,000 jobs at a time of economic slump and by indirectly generating a further €6 billion. The area in question is listed by the OECD as one of the 40 most industrially and financially important territories in the world, thanks to the sizeable contribution it makes to the GDP of Italy (over 10%).

Could Cifa miss such an important jobsite event? Certainly not! Indeed, many of our machines have worked and are still working along the 32 km of the TEEM layout; among these we chose to introduce to you a truck-mounted concrete pump, the K41L XRZ, working along Lot B of TEEM, one of the first sections completed.
Concrete casting on the construction site is managed by Icea, which has been following, for several years, all the production, transportation and placing of all mixes (from cemented mix to special concretes for specific applications) on behalf of the lot’s main contractor, Arco TEEM Consortium, of which Impresa Pizzarotti &C S.p.A. of Parma is part.

At the time of our visit, Icea was working on casting the base of a large laminating rain-water tank; involving casting of around 700 m3 of concrete. The enterprise of Belpasso (Catania province) chose our K41L XRZ truck-mounted pump, fed by an array of Cifa mixers that ensured a continu-ous flow of concrete from the company’s production plant to the casting site. Since the foundation was wide, the K41L XRZ was chosen by Icea for its versatility and productivity (140 m3/hour), as well as for its horizontal reach (over 35 m) guaranteed by the five-section boom.

In his statement, Icea’s owner, Angelo Di Fede, expresses his extreme satisfaction of the K41L XRZ and for the unfailing jobsite assistance provided by one of the most important service and spare parts centres in Italy, Effretti (that also follows sales in its area): “We have been working with Cifa machines for many years and I must say that we have never had any problem with machines (of any kind) we have in the fleet.

Ordinary maintenance interventions and small problems on the jobsite have always been solved by an efficient and prompt assistance service. We place much importance on maintenance, which we pass on to specialised assistance centres, since we believe that always having efficient machines is the key to guaranteeing exemplary jobsite productivity as well as complying with the time limits (which are very tight here) our customers demand. We are specialists in the concrete production chain and, as such, we must be able to guarantee that those who choose us for a turnkey service will have no problems. In this Cifa, with its machines and its assistance service, gives us outstanding support.”

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