Morocco to construct Marrakech Airport at $520 million

10 July 2014

Morocco is planning to set up a new airport, Marrakech Airport, at the cost of $520 million. This will see expansion of passenger capacity in the country to 10 million per year. The airport will be located 30 km within the city.

Increased urbanisation is causing problems in development of the current city airport, and setting up of the new airport could bring relief. Morocco targets handling a total of 14.37 million passengers per year in 2030 and, although the current city airport has been renovated and expanded to take up to 9 million passengers per year, it would not be possible for it to swallow the increasing traffic.

Like the Marrakech Menara Airport, the new airport could include road infrastructure for easy access, bus and taxi termini, shopping mall, banks, hotels and administration block, among others.

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