Municipalities urged to involve people in housing delivery

22 September 2014

Human Settlements Deputy Minister Zou Kota-Fredericks says local government needs to include the participation of the people in housing delivery.

“As Human Settlements, we are saying there can be no housing delivery if the people are not involved in the discussions about housing. The outcome [housing product], comes out of a particular process, that process includes social compact and that compact is the cornerstone of the IDP (Integrated Development Plans),” the Deputy Minister said.

Minister Fredericks warned that if communities are not involved in the housing delivery, it becomes an expectation because people don’t know how long they would be on a waiting list.

“Housing development takes time. You need land acquisition, approvals, bulk infrastructure and all other processes. In that space, you need to engage with the community so that they understand the challenges.

“We need to plan together with our communities so that as we are crafting policies, they are part of understanding the level of implementation,” she explained.

She also challenged the communities to be active citizens and be involved in the development of their own communities.

“It starts with cleaning your environment and by fixing a tap that is leaking …We can make things happen….let’s take off our gloves and work together with our government.”

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