National Cement to commission clinker plant in 2016

03 February 2015

The cost of cement is expected to reduce once National Cement commissions its clinker plant, saving Kenya millions of dollars annually in importation costs.

Devki group Chairman Narendra Raval says this will see National Cement become the second cement manufacturing company after East Africa Portland Cement to clinker its cement locally.

The cost of cement in Kenya has translated to high building costs and, combined with land rates, have made the cost of building or buying homes expensive for many.

The high cement cost has partly been due to high importation costs for clinker.

With a turnover of over 50 billion shillings annually, Devki Group plans to increase National Cement’s production capacity to become the largest cement producer in Kenya by October, with heightened competition benefitting consumers.

With over 500 tons of steel produced annually at Devki, Raval notes that Kenya should not continue importing ready-made steel but grow the capacity for local investors and protect them.

Currently, Devki produces 60% of steel used in Kenya and plans to set up steel plants in Congo and Ethiopia

By Nicholas Nduati

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