Innovative alliance brings quality silica fume to South Africa

30 July 2015

Recently Silicon Technology (Pty) Ltd. in South Africa has formed an alliance with Norchem, Inc. a leading producer of silica fume. This partnership has opened up opportunities to offer silica fume of the same high standard and quality as the Norchem product that has been available in the global market for more than 40-years. Siltech is producing silica fume that meets the ASTM C-1240 standard and is available to a variety of applications in the South African market and nearby markets.

From its inception in 1975, Norchem, and now Siltech, has been at the forefront of the development and manufacture of silica fume products. Norchem answered the construction industry’s need for a high-performance concrete admixture by becoming the first company in North America to develop and market silica fume. We want to bring the same transformation to the South African market.

For 40-years Norchem has built a strong reputation for outstanding technical expertise, superior customer support and the highest level of quality. Norchem silica fume is in use all over the globe by many of the world’s most respected construction companies and in a broad range of other cementitious applications including concrete roofing tile, gypsum & cement wallboards, fiber-cement products, refractories, oil well grouts and cementitious repair products.

High Performance Concrete (HPC), containing silica fume, greatly enhances durability. HPC produced with silica fume delivers increased toughness and increases resistance to abrasion, corrosion from chemicals and life-cycle cost efficiencies. Highway bridges, parking decks, marine structures and bridge deck overlays are subject to constant deterioration caused by rebar corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack. Silica fume will protect concrete against deicing salts, seawater and abrasion from road traffic. Rebar corrosion activity and concrete deterioration are virtually eliminated and maintenance costs are eliminated.

High-strength concrete, enhanced with silica fume, provides architects and engineers with greater design flexibility. Traditionally used in high-rise buildings for the benefit of smaller columns (increasing the usable space), high-strength concrete containing silica fume is often used in precast and pre-stressed girders, allowing longer spans in structural bridge designs.

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