New polymer for low-viscosity concrete

07 July 2015

BASF experts announced they have developed a new generation of polymers, to be launched in the market as MasterEase. With the technology, plastic viscosity can be reduced by up to 30%, which results in a substantial reduction of pumping pressure required to pump the concrete on the construction site.

Placing and finishing of the concrete is much easier, faster and hence more economical than using standard concrete.

The new technology is particularly suitable for concrete mixes which are optimised for advanced engineering properties and sustainability.

“The new admixture technology enabling these properties is being made available globally under the brand of MasterEase,” David Bowerman, regional business segment manager for BASF’s admixture systems and cement additives in the Middle East, West Asia, CIS & Africa said.

“Ease in MasterEase stands for easiness of mixing, pumping, placing, levelling and finishing of concrete,” he added.

BASF’s MasterEase was launched at the European Ready Mix Concrete Organisation (ERMCO) Congress in Istanbul in June.

Starting in Europe and the Middle East, the technology will be globally available as MasterEase 3000 series for ready mix and site mix concrete applications.


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