Pan African engineering body needed

09 June 2014

The Federation of African Engineering Organisations (FAEO) is seeking to create an African Council of Engineering under the auspices of the African Union (AU). “We have to establish an oversight body to ensure professional standards,” said FAEO president Martin van Veelen. 

He told the 45th Plenary meeting of the National Science and Technology Forum that the United Nations was going to replace the current Millennium Development Goals with Sustainable Development Goals. Achieving such goals will require a competent and dedicated engineering corps. “Without a proper engineering profession, this [sustainable development] will not happen.”

Although the Organisation had already set up four regional bodies — for East, Central, Southern and West Africa, creating national bodies will enable development of minimum standards guidelines in Africa.

“The playing field in Africa is not level. Some countries have no registration requirement s, so anyone can call themselves an engineer. Engineers cannot move from one country to another without having some form of registration.”

“Most African countries require their local engineers to bring in international engineering consultants,” stated Van Veelen. ” I think that is totally wrong. There is nothing wrong with the African engineer, despite differences in education. We need to counter this negative perception.”

By: Keith Campbel

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