Plug&Grind®: the new solution in small and medium-sized modular and portable grinding stations

05 May 2015

Cemengal’s history encompasses over 25 years of experience in building grinding stations. Today Cemengal is active in projects in Kuwait, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Mauritania, Colombia and Brazil.

In all these countries the company is building clinker grinding stations of various sizes– from the world’s biggest, a nearly 12,000-kW unit for Holcim Brazil which produces 460 tph to the smallest and portable one, called Plug&Grind® Classic, that produces 12 tph.

Three years ago, Cemengal developed a new concept: modular, portable grinding stations. The company identified a market for small grinding units, which was not being supplied by any other company.

We designed and engineered a product to fulfill the needs of these clients. This new product was not only a small grinding station. In aiming for something different, we came up with the Plug&Grind® Classic which is able to produce 12 tph of cement in a very small space with easy installation.

This has become the fastest way to produce cement today. So far we have sold more than a dozen Plug&Grind® Classic units, mainly in Africa.
Last year we launched an evolution of this first Plug&Grind® Classic. The new Plug&Grind® XL was released last summer and we have already sold two units.

The new XL is able to produce 30 tph following the same concept as the original Plug&Grind® Classic.
Today, we are proud to introduce the new Plug&Grind® Fuels.

This new product is able to grind petcoke and/or coal, again following the concept of a portable and modular system based on the original Plug&Grind® Classic. All these products and ideas are patented world-wide and the trade mark registered.

The Plug&Grind® Classic comprises only nine regular 40-foot containers. These containers are pre-assembled in Cemengal’s workshop in Madrid and after eight months are sent to the client to be erected and commissioned in six more weeks.

This means that you can have the first cement production in less than 10 months with no risk at all due to the portability of the grinding station.
The Plug&Grind® XL consists of only eight regular 40-foot containers and four special modules.

These containers and modules are pre-assembled in the Madrid workshop and after nine months are sent to the client to be erected and commissioned in 6 more weeks. This means that you can have the first cement production in less than 11 months – again with no risk due to the portability of the grinding station.

The Plug&Grind® is fully designed, engineered, and fabricated in Western Europe. The best companies supply components to the Plug&Grind®. These include Siemens, Abb, Haver&Boecker, Hassler, SKF, FAG, Maggoteaux, Atlas Copco and many others.

Today, there is only one original Plug&Grind® on the market with more than 15 units sold on three continents, supported by Cemengal’s three years’experience in the modular and portable grinding station solution and over 25 years’ experience in the cement industry.

The main market, accounting for 70% of all total Plug&Grind® sales, is Africa. And in Africa we have different types of clients.

These range from big multinationals like Lafarge Zambia and local players like Mombasa Cement Kenya, to companies related to world-wide businesses in Uganda, Kenya and Mauritania.

The Plug&Grind® is a unique way to start a cement business in a new and remote area or in a fast-growing market. It enables you to use the grinding station’s advantages to become a real cement manufacturer – producing your own cement by importing clinker.

And in comparison to a conventional grinding station, the Plug&Grind® equips you to start producing cement in a record time and to reduce the amount of investment needed to build a grinding station.

The exciting and successfully story of the Plug&Grind® started only three years ago, and today the family has grown substantially and will continue to do so in the coming years.


2012: launch of the Plug&Grind® Classic
2014: launch of the Plug&Grind® XL
2015: launch of the The Plug&Grind® Fuels
2016 onwards: new products in the pipeline

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