PPC Cement gives you strength beyond the bag

21 January 2014

We constantly strive to bring you innovative, industry-first products and services that allow you to do the best job you can. When you buy PPC Cement you get much more than just cement. We offer a trusted partnership that is with you on every build; that’s what Strength Beyond the Bag means to us. 

With PPC Cement you get access to a superior product, extraordinary value for money, experts on call, after-sales support, on-site delivery and a Builder’s App for smartphones.

PPC Cement offers customers fast and efficient on-site delivery for all large construction projects. Saving you time and money!

You and your customers can expect to yield at least 26% more with every bag. With PPC Cement’s newly improved mix ratio designs you get more concrete, more mortar and more bricks and blocks from the same bag of cement!

Our knowledgeable and helpful team of experts are on call to assist you with any cement-related queries you might have. From cement application, concrete, building and construction, CPM to Road Stabilisation and QA (Quality Assurance) Call 0800 023 470 and let us help you be the best builder you can be.

The useful Builder’s App allows you to manage your work schedule, check the weather, calculate correct mixture ratios and locate your nearest PPC stockist, among a host of other useful tips, advice and tools. Just imagine being able to harness the benefits of PPC Cement’s atleast 26% more in each bag of cement you buy? By downloading The Builder’s App you can be the best builder for the job!

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