PPC Unlocking Stronger Stokvel Homes

12 December 2014

The bulk buying frenzy is back again. The festive season is upon us and Stokvels across the country will be spending their hard earned cash that they have saved throughout the year. 

PPC is encouraging their customers to build and renovate their homes through the PPC Stokvel programme. It will be the first of many to run in the future to encourage more people to build and renovate in the future. A stokvel is a club formed with people who are saving towards the same goal in this instance building towards renovating or building.

Individuals save for different reasons every year. Is building one of your new year’s resolutions? What are your plans on getting your family a good home? Renovating or building? If these are the objectives of your Stokvel’s then the PPC Stokvel is the right one to join in 2015. Partaking in the PPC Stokvel for the year will help you push to finish that building project you’ve always wanted to start. Educational academy sessions will be conducted for all the stokvel members. The purpose of these informative sessions are to help the individuals learn more saving for a home and get technical support on building.

PPC General Manager of Marketing Services, Sibongile Mooko said, “At PPC, we pride ourselves on being more than simply cement producers. We help our customers shape their success through our superior products, efficient deliveries, builder’s application and technical support. PPC, with its cement products not only has the ability to help customers realise their construction dreams, but also has the compassion to improve the lives of many South Africans”.

A motivational speaker will be available to inspire the Stokvel members at the Stokvel network forums. In addition, PPC hints and tips on quality home building and improvement as well as financial advice on budgeting and getting home loans will be given.

Join the PPC stokvel to build or improve your home using PPC cement in the next 12 months and stand a chance to win furniture which may include a dining suite, lounge suite, entertainment unit and a kitchen unit to the value of R 20 000.

If you would like more information on how to join the PPC Stokvel come and join us at the upcoming bulk buying days this December.

Mamas C&C 13/14/15/16 December
Vereeniging C&C 28/29 Nov and 13 Dec
Evaton Plaza 13/14/15/16 December
Boxer C&C Orange Farm 28/29 Nov and 13 Dec
Mamas & Ahmed C&C Evaton 13/14/15/16 December

PPC Cement has entrenched its position of being a leader in the cement industry by helping build stronger homes. Hence our involvement with this PPC Building Stokvel Programme and Our theme – ‘Strength Beyond the Bag– emphasises that our business is not only about the cement that we produce but the added value to consumers through innovation and the positive impact that we have on the communities in which we operate in addition to our dedication to help upskill our customers”, concluded Mooko.

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