Private sector supports investment in Tanzania power

08 September 2017

The private sector in Tanzania has commended new efforts to enhance power generation that will ensure reliable electricity supply for industrial plants. Their establishment is ongoing in the drive to industrialise the economy.

Godfrey Simbeye, Executive Director with the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation, said access to affordable and reliable power is important for the country’s industrial transformation ambitions.

“As a result of the investments being made in key infrastructure projects such as the 2100MW hydropower project at Stiegler’s Gorge, the situation should improve dramatically in the coming years,” he said. This was after signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the global research and consultancy firm Oxford Business Group on behalf of the Foundation.

OBG’s Country Director, Ivana Carapic noted that Tanzania’s industrialisation will be a key focus. This is alongside the government’s efforts to reduce the informal economy as well as the balancing act it faces in bridging a budget shortfall without further squeezing businesses.

 “Tanzania has a number of large infrastructure projects in the pipeline. Notably, these projects have the ability to change the course of the country,” she said.

“In addition, a national push targeting middle income status is to produce a raft of new investment opportunities. We will highlight the issues that businesses would like to see addressed. We will also consider areas of the economy that are ripe for growth as we begin work on this landmark publication.”

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