Protect Your Business’ Bottom Line With Credit Guarantee

12 April 2017

As a South African Financial Services company operating in the field of domestic and international trade credit insurance our unique strength lies in the ability to secure a vast store of information and market intelligence from a network of contacts, and tointerpret data to support the business of our clients.

We believe all businesses, especially entrepreneurs, are the future of Africa’s economic stability, hence we support their future by supporting their needs so they can TAKE ON New Business With Confidence.

We understand some of the risks associated to SMEs. For example:

  • Payment defaults of the debtor.

  • Owner has absconded.

  • Concentration risk of one or two major debtors who can’t or won’t pay.

  • In order to protect their cash flow we utilise credit management and decision making processes, which are incorporated into a protected working capital cycle. This unlocks and secures cash for reinvestment, debt repayment, and dividends.

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