Ramaphosa announces new e-toll tariff structure

21 May 2015

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced a new e-tolls tariff structure that will see motorists paying at least 50% less on their e-tolls bill in a new dispensation that the SA National Roads Agency (SANRAL) will implement in phases.

The Deputy President said that e-toll fees that are currently outstanding will be discounted by 60%. Motorists that use tolled roads will have six months within which to settle their debts dating back to December 2013 at the discounted tariff.

“Settlement of e-toll fees will be linked to motor vehicle licence renewal. Motorists will need to settle any outstanding e-toll fees before vehicle licence discs are issued,” the Deputy President announced.

More payment options and a simplified administration system are being introduced. “This will make it easier for vehicle owners to pay their toll fees at different points. These will include SANRAL kiosks, Post Offices, provincial licensing offices, retailers, vehicle dealerships and online,” he added.


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