Rocla marks 100 years in SA precast concrete market

26 September 2017

Precast concrete products manufacturer Rocla is celebrating 100 years in existence in South Africa this month, attributing its success to customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, good-quality products and timeous delivery.

Rocla sales and marketing director Christo van Zyl says another key contributor to the company’s centenary success is meeting unique customer requirements by providing innovative solutions.

“Rocla’s technical expertise enables it to adapt existing products or build completely new, one-off products that will meet the required technical specifications.”

The company’s ability to manufacture products for an array of different uses and industries is further illustrated by its manufacturing of specialised structures for use in an underground diamond mine for a company based in Gauteng.

Further, Rocla has remained a key player in the industry because of its standard catalogue of products, which have been designed to meet the most basic requirements of key customers in industry, particularly for utility-scale applications in various industries, including electrical generation and distribution, telecommunications, municipal, water reticulation, mining and roads.

Rocla is one of two companies in South Africa to manufacture concrete poles –a spun pole and a cast pole – which are being used primarily in the power transmission, telecommunications and fibre-optic communication sectors. 

In terms of the next 100 years of its existence, he says Rocla will continue to invest in delivering exceptional service and exceptional-quality products that are provided for customers on schedule.

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