Sanika and Kryton work together to save South Africa’s water

11 June 2014

South Africa has relatively limited water resources and is considered a “water-stressed” country.

With water being one of the worlds most precious resources it is imperative that we work together to prevent water loss.

Sanika Waterproofing and Kryton International are doing what they can to save our water.

Examples include the waterproofing of:

1.) Kazida, Marula and Timbavuti Reservoirs in Acornhoek
2.) Siyabushwa Reservoir
3.) Imala Platinum’s Marula Mine Reservoir

1.) Kazida, Marula and Timbavuti Reservoirs in Acornhoek

Sanika were contracted to assist with waterproofing of the poorly constructed reservoirs in the Acornhoek and Bushbuck Ridge areas by Masetlaoka Scott Wilson, whom are the civil, water and consulting engineers for the Department of Water Affairs, South Africa. The newly constructed reservoirs had severe leaks and flaws through the joints, cold joints, tie holes and through the concrete. These reservoirs are a vital water source for the people in this rural area and therefore a complete waterproofing solution was required. Due to the value of water in these areas Masetlaoka Scott Wilson made the informed decision to award Sanika with the contract to perform Kryton’s Krystol Crack Repair and T1 and T2 slurry waterproofing systems to render this reservoir completely waterproof.

Due to the inadequate construction of the reservoirs it was determined that a waterproofing solution was required before they were commissioned for use.

Sanika’s solution was to use Kryton’s Krystol Crack Repair System, consisting of Krytsol T1 and T2 as well as Krystol Bari-Cote, on the cold joints and tie holes where water penetration was evident form the flood tests.

The Reservoir has now been commissioned for use with no leaks and is supplying our most precious resource “water” to this rural area.

2. Siyabushwa Reservoirs

Sizatech, the Consulting Engineers for the Siyabushwa area, contracted Sanika Waterproofing to provide a complete waterproofing solution for the Siyabushwa reservoird.
The reservoirs structure was constructed with brick and mortar, therefore Kryton’s Krystol Mortar Admixture (KMA) was used to waterproof this structure.

The original plaster render was cracked and loose in many areas and therefore needed to be removed.
After removal of the inadequate plaster the substrate was prepared for the Krystol KMA application.
A plaster and screed render – complete with Kryston’s Krystol KMA – was applied to the walls and floors of these reservoirs with 100% waterproof success.

3. Imala Platinum’s Marula Mine Reservoir

After the successful waterproofing of the Impala Platinum Slag Granulation Cooling Tower in Rustenburg Impala Platinum called on Sanika and Kryton to restore and mend the Marula mine reservoir which the engineers described as a “Basket Case”.

The waterproofing success of the Impala Slag Granulation Cooling Tower in Rustenburg gave the engineers of the Marula Mine confidence that Kryton’s waterproofing solutions could solve this difficult repair.
The reservoir had numerous issues such as: Honeycombing; severe cracking; cold joints; leaking tie holes and pipe penetrations.

It was therefore decided that the following methods and Kryton Products would be used:

• Kryton’s Krystol Crack Repair system was used on all the honeycombing; cracks; cold joints; leaking tie holes and pipe penetrations on the exterior walls of the structure.
• It was then decided that due to the nature of the structure a Krystol KMA plaster render was required as a precautionary solution for the interior of the structure.

Using Krystol waterproofing technology, Kryton’s systems keep concrete structures dry by becoming a part of the concrete matrix. This project was a complete success.

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