SAPOA leads new educational trends

27 May 2015

The methods of education keep on revolving over generations with the use of chalk and board, paper and pen/pencil. Today’s generation is becoming more and more dependent on technology with the use of internet to interact with the world and further your learning experience. We have seen with the start of the 2015 school year that at primary school level the face of learning is not going to change but changed already with the introduction of tablets for learners. Gone are the days of carrying books to school because now your tablet contains everything you need.

SAPOA in keeping up with new educational trends has also developed an e-learning training method. SAPOA has partnered with Hypenica and created a training platform that enables SAPOA to manage the delivery of training and training material to audience groups, who will be able to access the training on their desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

By not compromising the standards of education, the e-learning platform will be making a difference by building capacity, by bringing hope of change and provide skills
to people who under normal circumstances would not have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills. It is SAPOA’s mission to impact its members with positive change by affording a chance to study. E-Learning will also be welcomed by younger generations as we develop their skills in a manner that they not only understand but also prefer and feel comfortable with.

Our First E-Learning Programme

The first SAPOA e-learning training programme is the very popular Essential Commercial Property Programme (ECPP). Delegates will be able to do this course over a 3 (three) month period on the e-learning platform with on-line assessment and certification at the end of the three month period, by the University of Johannesburg.

The Essential Commercial Property Programme (ECPP) is focused on the commercial and industrial property industry and our target market of delegates are people who
have had around 2-3 years’ work experience or have a formal knowledge of the Commercial or Industrial Property Industry.

E-Learning Benefits to SAPOA Members

Rising travel, venue, trainer as well as study material costs were further drivers in SAPOA evaluating alternative e-learning methods as well as following new educational trends. With e-learning technology the above costs are reduced and our members can cut costs without compromising the skills development of their workforce.

With SAPOA member companies under continuous pressure from their clients to perform, financial constraints that companies are facing and lack of time to afford employees extended time off to attend training programmes, the SAPOA’s e-learning programme will assist by the use of the internet to empower its members and nonmembers as:
 Training content is available anyway, anytime, anywhere and optimised for computers, mobile phones and tablets.
 Employees have three months to complete the programme and they are not out of the office for 3-5 days at a time.
 Reducing of the educational training programme cost by almost 50%, hence making it more affordable for both our corporate members and individuals.
 Eliminating incidental costs such as travelling, accommodation and meals.

The E-Learning Platform and Training Format SAPOA e-learning platform is based on Hypenica’s Mobile Training Solution and
uses mobile and web channels to manage and deliver training material.

The process works as follows:

 Delegates will register with SAPOA who will invoice the delegates.
 Once payment has been received, Hypenica will send delegates a username, login details and password to access the E-Learning Programme. The delegates will have access and must complete the programme in 3 months (12 weeks).
 Once the delegates are registered, access to the chat room will be granted. This will enable the assessor and/or lecturer to communicate to the delegates and the delegates with each other. In the event of a student have difficulty in mastering the training content, this will be the method of having access to the assessor and/or lecturer to obtain clarity and chat room information to communicate with lecturers and other delegates.
 The Essential Commercial Property Programme (ECPP) E-Learning format of training delivery is by means of 10 (Ten) video based training modules.
 Each delegate receive an electronic student course manual that contains the training material on which the videos are also based.
 After each module there will be a test or assignment that must be successfully completed before moving onto the next module.
 Once completed delegates will perform an on-line examination.

Assessment, Moderation and Certification

Modular assessments will be made as the programme progress. A final assessment will be in the form of a test but will be optional. A certificate of competence for delegates who successfully comply with all the assessment criteria or a certificate of attendance will be issued on successful completion of the training programme from the University of Johannesburg. The University will moderate in terms of their policies and procedures.


University of Johannesburg is a comprehensive accredited academic institution. As required by the Higher Education Act, it is registered with the Department of Education as a public higher education provider and its qualifications are accredited by the Council on Higher Education and recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

In summary, E-Learning is the training method of the future and SAPOA will follow these trends. SAPOA is already in the process of developing and filming the videos for the Introduction to Commercial Property Programme (ICPP) and our popular Property Management Programme (PMP). More programmes will follow to address the commercial property industry’s training needs.

The possibility to run national workshops and seminars via webinar are also in the pipeline for SAPOA members.

The E-Learning training is not bound to regions and borders and offers SAPOA the opportunity to provide training to the rest of Africa.

For more information and to register please contact:

Mafonti Morobi at 011 883-0679 or [email protected]

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