Senegal to construct US$500m railway line

09 March 2015

Senegal’s President Macky Sall has announced that the country would construct a railway line to link Casamance region to the capital Dakar.

The railway line will pass through Tambacounda, a mining region, then head to east of Senegal, and would go around Gambia.

Casamance is one of Senegal’s most fertile regions which seen increased hostilities with Gambia and Guinea-Bissau, which have been difficult to mediate.
The president added that the project’s feasibility study had been completed but gave no further details about the project.

He said the project will be very crucial to bringing the western, central and the southern regions together, increasing inter-regional trade and maximising mineral exploitation.

Currently, Tambacounda was transporting minerals by road, an expensive method, especially as roads are in a deplorable state.


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