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22 June 2015

When it comes to the challenge of tackling rock-hard materials on site, there can only be one logical option – the globally acclaimed brand name for tough and top-performing power tools – STIHL. This German-based manufacturer with a history dating back to 1929 is known for its investment in research and development. This consistently leads to ground-breaking innovations in its comprehensive range of products, which cater to the diverse needs of various users, from handymen to specialist workers.

Designed for the demanding conditions of professional use, STIHL concrete cutters and cut-off machines make light work of any cutting task, slicing through concrete, stone, masonry, pipes and asphalt. There are a number of STIHL cut-off machine models for user-choice depending on the requirements of the job.

The convenience of cordless

The STIHL TSA 230 is a classic example of STIHL’s clever designs and practical applications. Light, small and easy to work with, this is the first battery-powered cut-off machine with a 230-mm cutting wheel. Despite weighing less than 4 kg without the battery, the TSA 230 has a powerful cutting performance and is able to smoothly slice through tiles, bricks, pipes and metal with ease. The standard-fitted water connection and optional vacuum adapter ensure clean, dust-free cutting, plus the STIHL cordless design offers the convenience of battery power with the benefits of reduced noise levels and zero emissions.

These user- and environmentally-friendly features make the TSA 230 ideal for working inside in enclosed spaces or outdoors in noise-sensitive areas. This cordless cut-off machine has transformed construction work and is also suitable for roofing, pipe-laying and interior decor projects: wet or dry. It starts at the touch of a button and the ergonomic handle allows the machine to be smoothly guided to a depth of 70 mm for precise, accurate cuts.

The ultimate on-site beast

The STIHL GS 461 concrete saw combines the renowned cutting features of any STIHL chainsaw, the original power tool on which the STIHL legend is based, with enhanced features that make cutting through concrete faster and easier. Designed with the rigours of construction and renovation work in mind, the GS 461 concrete cutter is designed for free-hand cutting of concrete with reinforcing, natural stone, sewage pipes (concrete, ductile iron) and general masonry.

The GS 461’s impressive power-to-weight ratio and smooth handling add to its manoeuvrability, making it perfect for cutting in tight spots or when working against a 90-degree corner.

The GS 461 is equipped with the low-emission, fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly STIHL 2-MIX engine, and features an effective anti-vibration system for added user comfort during operation.

The GS 461 guide bar features built-in water channels that aim forward to precisely provide water to the chain, while standard fittings include side-mounted chain tensioning, a decompression valve, STIHL ElastoStart, a water- and wear-resistant starter cord, a long-life HD2 filter to catch even the finest dust particles to prevent damage to the machine, and a toolless bayonet fuel cap for easy and upright refuelling.

Optional features include the 36 GBM diamond concrete cutter chain with pre-sharpened diamond segments for wet-cutting stone, and the Rollomatic G guide bar with hardened chain track and water channels that even wash the sprocket nose. This, the first STIHL concrete saw, has a masterful ability for precision cutting with accuracy and power. The GS 461 offers easy handling, a practical and ergonomic design and efficient water usage, making it a typical high-quality STIHL product.

Working in tandem for a premier performance

Teamwork is the secret to any winning performance, and when cutting larger openings through tough materials you need the combined cutting skills of both a STIHL concrete cutter plus a STIHL cut-off machine. For example, corners can be pre-cut (pierced) using the concrete cutter, to be followed by the long, straight cuts which are made by the cut-off machine. Make light work of a major task – use two high-delivering cutting tools, complementing each other for the ultimate in precision and power.

Where to find STIHL

Like any top quality product, you won’t find STIHL power tools at chain stores and supermarkets. The STIHL philosophy is to deliver top-class service with its top-class products, which is why STIHL relies on a nationwide chain of specialist dealers to sell its products. This ensures that every STIHL product is sold along with expert guidance on how to use and maintain the item, plus a guarantee of sustained after-sales service and back-up support.

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