Submitting building plans to City of Cape Town will be easier

13 March 2014

Submitting building plans is set to become easier, faster and paperless, with the City of Cape Town’s overhaul of the current development plan application process.

The city said yesterday that a new management process for the submission of development applications will come into effect next month, which will allow the use of a flash drive when submitting plans and for online payments. Turnaround times are expected to be reduced significantly.

Cape Town mayoral committee member for economic, environmental and spatial planning Garreth Bloor said the new system will also allow for payments to be made through electronic fund transfers (EFT).

“From July 2014, it is expected that it will be possible to submit development applications online, from the comfort of your home or office, to the city’s planning portal. We are likely to cut days from the current submissions and rejections time frames,” Bloor said.

He said that from next month customers will be able to submit land use and building plan applications in portable document format using a memory stick.
Bloor said the city has held information sessions on the new system with selected stakeholders.

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