Tanzania’s Mtwara Port set for a major upgrade

25 September 2014

Mtwara port in Tanzania: the port will undergo a major facelift to meet international standards

Discovery of oil and gas in the Mtwara and Lindi regions in Tanzania is the main reason for upgrading Mtwara port.The two regions have the largest share of the 43 trillion cubic feet of natural gas discovered in Tanzania.

Mtwara port manager, Musiba Fikili, said port management will undertake two major steps to deal with the rise in tha amount of cargo the port handles annually. Management hopes the amount of cargo handled would rise to 28 million tons annually from the current 400,000 tons. The first step would be to expand the port, while the other would be to improve infrastructure and working equipment like cranes and tractors. US$ 1.7m will be used for infrastructure.

The government of Tanzania had estimated the cost of Mtwara port rehabilitation at US$ 214m. This would see the port being expanded and upgraded to meet international standards.

This will promote the economy of Tanzania due to increased cargo passing through the port. It will also attract manufacturers of various commodities as the close proximity of the port enables easy shipment of manufactured materials.

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