The Concrete Institute verifies same mistakes are being repeated

25 May 2015

The School of Concrete Technology (SCT), facilitated by concrete industry technical services provider The Concrete Institute (TCI), says the same mistakes are continuously being repeated on construction sites because people do not understand the fundamental concepts of concrete technology.

SCT lecturer John Roxburgh explains that the SCT helps dispel industry misconceptions and concrete technology myths that result in flawed concrete, requiring costly remedial action. He says the SCT courses provide a platform for teaching correct concrete practice.

“By understanding the ‘why’ – and the basic scientific principles behind concrete manufacturing – concrete producers will do a better job, save costs and ensure that they produce top-quality concrete the first time.
“A qualification in concrete technology will open doors in many different fields of employment at a critical time in South Africa’s infrastructural development,” he says. “An SCT certificate is instantly recognised and highly regarded in the industry,” he says.

“Skills upliftment in the construction industry has never been more vital, as South Africa prepares for the long-delayed, much-anticipated roll-out the Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission’s strategic infrastructure projects (Sips).

“At the SCT, the correct concepts of concrete manufacturing are taught step by step and are backed up by practical demonstrations in TCI’s laboratory.

“There is massive scope for work opportunities in the construction industry, as well as in admixtures, ready-mix, cement, sealants, floor coverings. 

Because lecturers also man the TCI’s telephonic technical advisory desk, we know what is going wrong on construction sites,” Roxburgh concludes.

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