Totally Concrete introduces new building and construction technology to Africa

13 February 2014

Not only does 2014 mark a time of growth for Africa, but also a time of distinct development for the cement, concrete and construction industries. Growth markets are anticipated across sub-Saharan Africa, spurring rapid infrastructure development and the construction business opportunities that come with it. With myriad building and construction projects underway, the prospect of high returns from project tenders is bringing thousands of industry stakeholders to the Totally Concrete Expo.

The delivery of timely and sustainable infrastructure in Africa requires effective industry collaboration both domestically and across borders, next generation building technology, and innovative materials. Historically, it has been a very real challenge to complete construction projects on budget and on time in Africa and the injection of new practices and technologies is vital to fast-track development.

Many of the latest innovations in engineering and building technologies are arriving in Africa for the first time at Totally Concrete, taking place from 26 to 28 May in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Industry growth estimates have sky-rocketed and it is now estimated that US $940 million will be invested into the cement industries of South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe alone by 2018.

New cement plants also being built in a number of other African countries. Happy-Girl Buthelezi, Head of Business Development at PPC South Africa will outline how PPC is helping build Africa to the apex of its economic potential through its cement plant construction projects in the sub-Saharan region and Eng. Wolfram Schmidt from the BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Germany will share findings from the first ever Africa-wide cement competency testing programme.

Totally Concrete provides a crystal clear picture of where the industry is headed, recognising that next generation tools and technology are required to enhance the local and regional built environment.

Clem Sunter, Chair of the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund and renowned conversational model strategist, will deliver the keynote address and Daniel Silke, leading political analyst and futurist, will give a presentation that sets the stage for shaping the future of Africa and defining the role that the construction industry will play therein.

Incorporating both strategic and technical elements, Totally Concrete has practical tools and techniques for all professionals active in the construction sector. Stakeholders from over 40 countries worldwide will have an opportunity to access cutting edge technology as it arrives for the first time on African soil.

Totally Concrete is endorsed by over 60 industry associations and sponsored by PPC, Lafarge, AfriSam, CCS, PMSA and Nyeleti Consulting.

Martin S. Owuor, First Secretary of the High Commission of Kenya, says of the event, “Totally Concrete is very informative and very important at this critical time when Africa is trying to improve infrastructure necessary for development.”

Totally Concrete is the only all things cement, concrete and construction event in Africa that provides the entire industry ecosystem with the tools and solutions needed to manage projects of all sizes and ensure their delivery on time and on budget.
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