Two ports to be constructed in Egypt

23 June 2014

A contract signed between the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities will see the construction of two ports in Egypt.

The two ports will be based in Abu Ramad and Shalateen and are part of the Egyptian government’s plan to develop the region.

Abu Ramad Fishing Port will cost EGP 42.6 million and will involve construction of a new 120-m-long berth 6 m deep. The constructor will use gravity wall and reinforced concrete to set up the berth. It will also include setting up of marine ladders, fenders and bollards.

Custom administrative blocks will be accessible through modern entrance and exit gates. Part of the project also involves equipping port infrastructure with a truck park, a slipway for the shipyard and internal roads.
A total of 3,500 job opportunities will be created following the construction of the ports.

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