Tyres used in concrete makes buildings ‘greener’

16 July 2015

An EU-funded project led by experts at the University of Sheffield and Imperial College London has found that rubber, steel and textile fibres from tyres can be reused in concrete to make buildings and other structures ‘greener’, tougher and more resistant to earthquakes.

The project worked in association with the European Tyre Recyclers Association to demonstrate that all tyre components can be reused in concrete.

For example, recycled rubber will allow buildings and other structures to flex up to 10% along their length – 50 times more than structures made from conventional concrete.

Plans are now being made to use the new concrete material in seismic resistant buildings, vibration isolation and bridge bearings. As part of the EU-funded Anagennisi project, demonstration projects will be undertaken in several countries to convince contractors and infrastructure owners of the benefits.

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