UK Ash Association begins flyash research project

12 December 2014

The UK Quality Ash Association (UKQAA) – the representative organisation for the producers and users of coal ash in the UK – has launched a new flyash research project, in partnership with the Concrete Technology Unit (CTU) at the University of Dundee, Scotland, to investigate whether stockpiled flyash could be recovered and used as a pozzolana in concrete and cement.

The research programme – the first of its kind in recent years – will be significant for the construction sector.

With demand on the rise for high quality flyash, the research could help give the sector access to material previously thought unusable. It is believed that there is as much as 50 million t of flyash in storage at coal-fired power stations across the UK, but until now there has been no study into the amount of ash that could be recovered for use in construction.

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