Upgraded angle grinders maximise safety and productivity

14 July 2015

The upgraded Bosch GWS 13 and GWS 17 classes of professional angle grinders in the ‘Power & Protection’ range are the ideal tools for professionals with a core focus on maximising safety and productivity.

Bosch Industrial Power Tools SA senior brand manager Juergen Lauer notes that the new GWS grinders are superior to their predecessor models due to their improved productivity and user protection. “The GWS 13-125 CI or CIE and GWS 17-125 CI or CIE models boast powerful 1 300 and 1 700 watt motors respectively and are well equipped with additional safety features.”

A ‘Soft Start’ feature reduces the start-up torque to protect the motor, while ‘Constant Electronic’ technology keeps the selected speed constant and optimises cut quality. To further improve control and lower user fatigue, an anti-vibration auxiliary handle reduces vibration by 40 percent.

To minimise threat of injury caused by dangerous tool kickback, the innovative ‘KickBack Stop’ safety feature is prompted by microprocessor triggers in the event of a disk jam. User safety is further enhanced by restart protection that prevents uncontrolled start-up after power interruption, and by a burst-proof blade guard with tool-free adjustment.

The CI models are best suited to heavy duty applications, such as cutting steel pipes and profiles, while the CIE models are suitable for working on various materials, including concrete, stone and tile. Both incorporate variable speed pre-selection, allowing the user to match working speed to the material.

The longevity of this superior range is ensured with a redesigned housing cover to improve ventilation and dust protection, while overload protection shuts off the tool to reduce over-heating and motor damage. “Maximum safety and productivity over extended time are guaranteed,” concludes Lauer.

More information from Juergen Lauer, Tel: +27(0)11 651 9600 /

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