US $50 bn new Tunisia Economic City in the pipeline

16 October 2014

The planned Tunisia Economic City will include academic, research, medical, commercial centres and residential facilities.

A mega-project, Tunisia Economic City, was announced during the ‘Invest in Tunisia: Startup Democracy’ conference in September. The planned development will host a variety of facilities, including a range of business and commercial centres to aid international business, research and science centres, university and medical centres, as well as branches of foreign universities.

Tunisia Economic city will be located in the Enfidha district, which is strategically placed in the heart of the Mediterranean and at the crossroads between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The City will be established on a 90-km2 piece of land and will be constructed over 15 years.

The plan is to construct a modern global-level economic city that aids regional and international trade. It will have academic centres, research hubs and economic centres, but the residential and commercial facilities will make it a mixed-use development.

Once completed, the city will help provide 250,000 employment opportunities, especially for university graduates.


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