US construction firm shifts base to Nairobi

09 October 2015

America-based X-Calibur Construction Systems Inc has announced plans to set up base in Nairobi from where it will be supplying specialist construction products to other parts of Africa.

The firm, which has been supplying its products to major industrial projects in Kenya for several years, plans to make Nairobi its African and Middle East headquarters, shifting the from the United Arabs Emirates where operations are currently run.

“The quality of people in Kenya is very good and the level of education is among the best in Africa,” X-Calibur Group MD Brian Davis said at a training workshop in Nairobi where the firm has been conducting training for civil engineers, architects and building experts as well as university of Nairobi students.

X-Calibur deals primarily in construction chemistry and supply of construction materials in two main areas: protection and waterproofing of concrete to prevent deterioration as well as restoration of damaged concrete.

The firm has established a flooring distribution facility in Mlolongo and has invested over Sh15.7 million in Kenya.

With Nairobi as its headquarters, the firm has its eyes firmly fixed on the regional market, including South Sudan, Rwanda and Somalia in addition to strengthening operations in Uganda and Tanzania, where it already has offices.

Nairobi will also be used to manage plants in South Africa, Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia and Nigeria where the company already operates. “Our shareholders have a long-term view of Kenya,” he added.


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