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12 June 2015

WAMGROUP® has come to stand for innovation in bulk material handling technology and specialised equipment supply. In this context, WAMGROUP® is introducing its latest specialisation – equipment for concrete production.

The specialised product range includes plant equipment and accessories for material feeding and conveying, storage, discharging, reclaiming as well as for dust filtration and silo safety systems.

For concrete processing WAMGROUP® offers a comprehensive range of feeding and conveying equipment such as screw feeders or belt conveyors. To transfer microsilica (silica fume) contained in FIBCs to storage silos, SBB-type FIBC dischargers are used to pneumatically convey the material into the silo. The POWPUMPTM powder Injector continuously feeds powdery material from a hopper into an air flow without allowing any air to flow back into the screw feeder.

To ease material flow inside the silo, WAMGROUP® offers a variety of flow aids such as vibrating aerators, electric and pneumatic vibrators, and external pneumatic hammers.

To safeguard silos, WAMGROUP® recommends an electronically controlled silo safety package that comprises an air-jet-cleaned silo venting filter, a pressure meter and a maximum/minimum level indicator. This system, supplied in component form, prevents overfilling and excess pressurisation, thus avoiding damage to the silo, to the venting filter or to other accessories. It also reduces the risk of dust emission. In addition, pressure relief valves and innovative pipe elbows are available.

WAMGROUP® also provides a series of components for pneumatic conveying lines, including polymer-cast pipe elbows, pinch valves and dust collectors.

To handle the disposal of processing waste, the CONSEP® concrete reclaimer supplied by WAMGROUP® enables the recovery of residual concrete and wash-water from truck mixers or concrete pumps, making it possible for concrete manufacturers to comply with environmental standards, particularly those referring to environmental impact, prevention of contamination and recirculation of waste-water and aggregates in concrete plants.For this sector WAMGROUP® is able to offer state-of-the-art standard solutions using the most sophisticated production technologies available today.

Mass production of all equipment components results in an exceptional price-performance ratio.Finally, the WAMGROUP® global sales network provides an additional guarantee of total customer satisfaction.

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