Where technical innovation meets business: Coatings for Africa 2015

04 February 2015

Be part of the innovation and development of Africa’s bourgeoning coatings industry! Coatings for Africa is facilitating innovation and education for success in Africa’s paint and coatings industry. The symposium and expo are setting the scene for progress when the world’ leading experts share their latest findings and application case studies.

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We have made some exciting changes to the event! The Technical Symposium on Monday 11th May focuses on advances in rheology, dispersion and wetting, formulating improvements to tackle age old problems and new developments in inorganic components of coatings.

The new programme concept on 12th and 13th May focuses on end user case studies and product feedback from the construction and infrastructure sectors.

Highlights include: 
• Technical Symposium: With its theme Innovation and Education for Success, the Technical Symposium showcases the latest technical innovations that drive the coatings industry across the African continent.

• Coatings for architecture and construction seminar: This seminar highlights opportunities for paints and coatings in Africa’s burgeoning construction sector.

• Protective coatings seminar: This seminar discusses novelties and opportunities for protective coatings in the industrial sector, from marine and infrastructure to heavy duty and oil and gas.

• Extra value: Co-located with African Construction and Totally Concrete Expos: Hear about opportunities in Africa’s burgeoning construction industry in the joint keynote sessions.

• Upgraded venue at Sandton Convention Centre: Conveniently situated and allows easy access for attendees from South Africa and beyond.

• And more!

Register for the conference by 28 February 2015 and save up to R1000! Your conference pass allows for unprecedented access to the world’s leading paint and coatings experts and application case studies from users from across sub-Saharan Africa.

PS: Did you know?

The World Population Bureau estimates that the population of Africa will rise from 1.1 billion in 2013 to 2.4 billion in 2050. This means that most of the continent’s economies will have to double in size in the next 36 years. If that is to happen, then the stock of Africa’s infrastructure assets, including all of its residential, industrial and commercial buildings and power, transport and sanitation systems, will have to double in size.

In other words Africa will have to be built again in a single generation!

This will require unthinkable amounts of materials, planning, skills and manpower to accomplish such a momentous task. And, for this reason, infrastructure investment is providing the platform for the strong economic growth trends that will pave the way for businesses, to explore a number of exciting commercial and business development opportunities in Africa’s construction, paint and coatings sectors.

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