Work for 20,000 from construction of Gibela’s train manufacturing facility

01 October 2014

Construction of 600 000-m2 Alstom-led Gibela train manufacturing facility in Ekurhuleni IN Gauteng is set to begin mid 2015, with the construction phase set to include 20, 000 to 30, 000 local people as contractors and subcontractors.

The Gibela train manufacturing facility will form part of a US$ 0.09-bn 75-ha Business Park with the inclusion of 36 ha of integrated site. This will enable the facility to manufacture 580 trains over a period of ten years, 62 trains each year.

This project is part of a USD $4.53bn contract that Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) and Gibela signed, and would last for 18 years. Gibela would supply the metrorail service with 600 trains, 3,600 cars and technical support. It will also supply spare parts to the firm.

According to the MD of Alstom Transport South Africa Yvan Eriau, the project will help in the transfer of skills and development, with US$79.90m already set aside for training of individuals working in the manufacturing facility.

At the moment, 12 engineers from South Africa are learning train technology skills – to take 18 months – and 66 % of Gibela staff are already trained in various aspects at Alstom Transport, France.

Five maintenance depots that will provide fault-finding support, monitoring and control, planning of material requirement, and reliability engineers will also be established by Gibela in Durban, Eastern Cape, Gauteng, Braamfontein and Wolmerton.

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