Zaha Hadid unveils plans for world’s largest airport terminal

10 February 2015

China, which currently boasts the world’s largest building (the New Century Global Center), and soon the world’s tallest pair of towers, the Phoenix Towers, will according to Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), soon add an airport passenger terminal to the list.

The firm has unveiled plans for its Beijing New Airport Terminal Building, set to be the world’s largest.

The project is a collaboration between ZHA and airport architecture firm ADP Ingeniérie, and is being carried out under the leadership of the Beijing New Airport Headquarters (BNAH).

The terminal is part of a planned new airport located in the Daxing District of Beijing’s southern suburbs, and resembles the form of a massive mutant starfish.

ZHA hasn’t revealed the exact size of the terminal building, merely stating that it will be the world’s largest.
However, Building Design Online has reported that the terminal will measure 700,000 m2 and that the entire airport will be completed in 2018, for £9 billion.

Assuming the Beijing New Airport Terminal Building is indeed constructed as planned, it will serve to take some of the pressure off the city’s existing Capital Airport, which is already operating over capacity, and will initially accommodate 45 million passengers per year.

Source: Zaha Hadid Architects


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