Zambezi Portland releases new cement suitable for African climate

09 July 2014

Zambezi Portland Cement Limited has released a new cement product, Timange, which it said is suitable for the African climate.

“Zambezi Portland Cement Limited has announced another high-quality cement, the Timange 32.5N Portland limestone cement,” said sales and marketing manager, Isaac Ngoma. “This new product is a new-generation 3-s formula product, a complete cement solution for the African climate as it requires less curing. This is a multi-purpose value-addition cement with solid setting and rock strength. Timange cement has a super-setting capacity with supreme sustainability.”

“Good-quality clinker is intermixed with limestone and gypsum while maintaining better particle size distribution to produce this low-heat cement, which is ideal for road works, dams, plastering and other structural use,” added Ngoma.

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