Zambia : Handyman’s Paradise’s first Maerz Kiln installation has begun

17 April 2015

The existence of local lime production is one of the prime indicators of a country’s economic development. While there is existing lime production in Zambia, large quantities of lime still have to be imported.

Handyman’s Paradise will set a milestone for production of high-quality lime using the most energy-efficient process, thus protecting the environment in which we all live.

With the rapid economic growth in Zambia and the region, there is no doubt that more beneficiation of local resources will occur. The production of lime from local limestone is only one example. Handyman’s Paradise Limited, in a joint venture with Astro Holdings Limited Group of Companies, embarked on a journey to build a lime manufacturing plant in Ndola’s Masaiti district. The project will be developed in several stages and when all phases are complete it is expected to cost in excess of US$50 million. Being a Greenfield project the entire infrastructure for this state-of-the-art lime plant has to be built from scratch – including the access road to the plant site.

In November 2013 the ground breaking ceremony for the new lime plant took place. With a long list of very distinguished guests – including several Ministers and Chiefs – this was a major event well publicised in national newspapers.

Construction started in May 2014 and the major part of the material and equipment for the 600-ton per day lime plant had to be imported from well-known suppliers world-wide. The project not only consists of the Maerz Parallel Flow Regenerative lime kiln, but also of all required equipment up- and downstream from the kiln such as crushers, conveyor belts, silos, coal dust mill, etc.

Once the civil works were underway, the shipping of the equipment began in July 2014. Another milestone was reached on Friday 7 November 2014 when the first kiln shell steelwork was lifted onto the civil foundations at the Handyfa site.

The lime plant is scheduled to be ready for start-up in June 2015.

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