Zambia, Zimbabwe to construct power station

31 March 2015

According to Zambia’s Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister, Christopher Yaluma, Zambia is set to start construction of a 1600-MW power station in collaboration with Zimbabwe by January 2016.

The new power station will be located at Batoka and will be beneficial to both countries. The initial cost of the project was set at US $2.5bn and will involve construction of a dam.

The power project, involving construction of two hydroelectric power stations each with capability of producing 800 MW each, will be constructed 54 km downstream of Victoria falls.

The minister said the Batoka Hydro Electric Scheme would continue until 2021 or 2022, and feasibility studies are due this July.

Funding the Batoka Hydro Electric Scheme and rehabilitation of Kariba Dam were approved in the ZRA 2015 budget.
“We should start rehabilitating the Dam in the next four to five months.

We are very much on track as this is a key project and we will ensure delivery,” he said.


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