Africa’s attractiveness survey 2015

10 June 2015

In a recent interview Concrete.TV spoke to Michael Lalor, Lead director Ernst and Young Africa Business Centre, about the 2015 Africa attractiveness survey. It includes surveying over 500 business leaders and investors from 30 countries to determine the perceived attractiveness of Africa as an investment opportunity.

The attractiveness survey are intended to help businesses make informed investment decisions and governments to improve their respective business environment while relieving barriers that may intercept future growth.

Ernst and Young believes that Africa has the potential to bring about a future that would have been unheard of a few years ago. To fulfil this potential, African leaders have to drive the structural transformation necessary to achieve the goals of inclusive and sustainable growth. In this survey Ernst and Young highlights the priorities for action which is believed to be the most crucial to a successful African future.

Lalor states that “the biggest shift this year has been the emergence of the real estate, hospitality and construction sector as a significant attractor of investment contributing to over 40 percent of capital invested last year into that sector”.  

A few trends which appeared in Africa is the urbanisation of key cities, the extreme demand for retail space and the demand for low cost housing in certain countries such as Angola and Egypt. 

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