AShakEpoxerite – believing in shared successes

01 June 2015

Combining nearly 80 years of expertise in the manufacturing and supply of building industry chemicals and specialist civil engineering services, AShakEpoxerite sets out to deliver supreme service and superior quality products.

AShakEpoxerite, pride themselves on being innovative and responsive to the needs of their customers, ensuring quality-tested products and value-added customer support.

AShakEpoxerite is focused firmly on its core business: manufacturing and supplying building industry chemicals. They are led by a small group of passionate and innovative people,
who believe in offering supreme service and superior quality.

Ashak’s products can be divided into 5 main categories:
Release agents, bonding agents, curing compounds, repair mortars and waterproofers.

AShakEpoxerite believes in shared successes. The company seeks to grow hand in hand with the concrete industry, contractors, suppliers and partners. Superior service is top of their list. It’s this promise, along with quality-tested products and ongoing customer support, that makes them so unique. The result is a company that continues to create leading edge building industry chemicals whilst maintaining an honest and open attitude based upon a solid history.

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