Building collapses: ‘Not everybody is able to build a decent building’

15 April 2015

Following recent building collapses in Nigeria and South Africa, we interview Professor Mark Alexander who reminds us that building is a highly skilled operation and that there is a perception out there that anybody is able to build, however, decent buildings need skilled workers and sometimes cutting costs at the wrong corner has fatal consequences.

Alexander also goes on to say we need to distinguish between cement as a material and concrete, which comprises of cement and water, etc – normally when something goes wrong – the first response is always that the cement is wrong, but in his experience, this is very seldom the case.

In South Africa, he says we are fortunate that cement is always created according to specific criteria, but how it is used on site, is always another matter. If the wrong mixture is used, or put together in the wrong way, could lead to issues arising in quality.

Watch the rest of the video to find out Professor Alexanders views.
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[‘Not everybody is able to build a decent building’]


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