Carmix 3500 TC: design on the work site

04 May 2017

Aerodynamic lines, attractive profile and power.It’s the new Carmix 3500 TC, an evolution that speaks the language of design, innovation and advanced technology.Without forgetting CARMIX’s cornerstones: Quality and Reliability.

The search for a new design was based on the desire to offer well-finished machines that can ensure the highest level of performance and reliability on the worksite. And, of course, an “intelligent” design studied to offer even more comfort to users with more ergonomic controls, full-view visibility and an air-conditioned cab. Greater operator comfort means greater satisfaction, safety and productivity.

Like the wide range of Carmix products, the 3500 TC model is a combination of technology and design to offer powerful and versatile work tools. The concrete mixer has an actual yield of 3.5 m3, a double mixing blade, a mixing and jet speed, regardless of the number of turns of the diesel motor, and a concrete jet in reverse; then, a 600-liter loader – controllable with the Joymix – with a hydraulic command opening to load the sand or gravel directly into the barrel.

Finally, the machine can also handle, even when fully loaded, slopes up to 30%. Each of these elements responds to the specific needs observed by the attentive operators of the construction world: a commitment that Carmix has pursued for more than 40 years on five different continents.

A one of a kind weighing system in the world

Concrete-Mate is the revolution of the concrete production industry. Thanks to this new device, the mix can be weighed directly inside the barrel. Unlike many similar systems present on the market and which use a hydraulic system built on the blade, the one installed on the new Carmix 3500 TC ensures extremely reliable data on the quality of the concrete. This device is added to the essential element that has always been inspired by Carmix’s philosophy: the self-loading cement mixer was born to offer a machine that can prepare concrete on site. Less mechanical stress, due to the mixing and transportation, thus results in a decreased need of additives.

The result? An excellent quality product ready to be used on any worksite, at any latitude, quickly and punctually. The quality is confirmed by the Legal for Trade certificate, an accreditation that ensures the superior accuracy of Concrete-Mate in all countries where this strict procedure is effective, such as – amongst others – Europe, Australia, Canada and Russia.

Digital technologies for a perfect product

Today, productivity means having more control and information to achieve consistent performance in terms of quality and quantity. The great innovation offered by Carmix leads in this direction as far as the most recent machines are concerned, such as the new 3500 TC: Promix. A state of the art digital device ensures an always-perfect mix design for all application needs.

The name contains the secret ingredient of this technology: Promix, in favor of the mix design, Promix as a professional tool, Promix because its heart is a probe. Indeed, Promix is a measuring instrument composed of a stainless steel probe that is housed inside the mixer and supplied by a solar panel. A display in the cab receives information in real time. The sensor provides details on the slump, temperature, moisture and rotational speed of the concrete mixer, but it also tells users when the mixture is ready.

All the data is constantly updated every ten seconds and sent to the receiver, thanks to a very easy to read display. Thus, the operator always knows all the parameters of the concrete that is being prepared. Such information can be stored in an external computer or sent to other mobile devices via the GPS network.

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