Promix: digital technology that benefits concrete mixing

04 May 2017

Promix is a high-tech electronic sensor that ensures the mix design is always perfect because it measures all concrete parameters, providing a report on its characteristics in real time. Combined with the Concrete-Mate weighing system, Promix is the technological evolution that has made Carmix an authentic small mobile batching plant.

With Promix, Carmix becomes a concrete laboratory at the construction site.

Promix is a measurement tool composed of a stainless steel sensor that is housed inside the drum and powered by a solar panel. Information from the sensor is shown on a display in the cab in real time. The sensor provides data on slump, temperature and the rotation speed of the drum, and indicates when the batch is ready.

The data is updated every ten seconds and sent to a receiver that, thanks to a highly-legible display, tells the operator the parameters of the concrete being prepared. This information can be stored in an external computer or sent to other mobile devices through the GPS network.

The new frontier for a perfect mix design

The ability to effectively and accurately monitor so many parameters provides direct control over the quality of the product and ensures this quality is maintained over time, in every new project. Having instant data to evaluate durability, workability and strength offers a competitive advantage because it eliminates time spent on analysis and enables the preparation of concrete that fully complies with regulations or special customer requirements.

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