CLF Jointless Floors – Good floors make good customers

31 March 2015

When it comes to constructing world class jointless floors we are an industry leader. From the moment of company foundation in1998 we have been intensely focused on introducing new systems for our clients backed up with superb after sales service. With years of experience, excellent staff who manage and own the business and the best products and equipment in the industry, we are achieving record growth because we believe that good floors make good customers.

CLF use a very tough composite material made from special concrete, a high saturation of high tensile steel fibres, anti-shrinkage compounds and total quality management to produce the thinnest, toughest, and largest jointless floors in the country. No joints mean flatter floors, faster forklift traffic. And lower maintenance costs.

The patented Primekss system was developed in Europe under funding by the European union technology grant and has to date been successfully used by some of the largest logistics companies in the world when building their distribution centres, warehouses and factories. An unprecedented track record of successful flooring projects is available on request.

CLF have been exclusively licensed by Primekss, the patent holder, to design and install the system in southern Africa and with the support of primekss design teams from all over Europe are able to design and install the most effective jointless flooring system for our clients.

We love jointless….
Our jointless floors have no saw cut construction joints in them and consequently no future problem areas. Our floors offer the following multiple benefits to our customers:

• No joints up to 6 000m2
• Flatter floors smooth operation for forklifts better productivity
• Faster operation of forklifts as no slowing down for joints better productivity
• Low maintenance due to no joints
• Curling of joints is eliminated
• Functionality and flexibility of the floor are much better as racking and equipment can be placed anywhere on the floor without consideration of floor joints
• Superb fatigue and endurance
• Shrinkage and crack control
• Increased tensile, compression, shear flexural strength
• High impact strength
• Faster construction
• Green floor less co2
• increased market value of the building
• Up to 50% less cement used
• Improved durability and hygiene

We can offer complete design, supply, install and insure packages for your next flooring project. Our advice is offered freely and we consult with all our clients long before implementation of our flooring systems. Our engineers design each floor to suit your requirements and once constructed, our floors are guaranteed, insured and, being jointless, offer years of minimal maintenance thereby ensuring longevity of the asset for the landlords and low cost of operations for the user.

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