CO2-absorbing cement ‘far superior than Portland cement’

10 December 2014

Founded in 2012 by Brent Constantz, PhD, Stanford Biodesign, the company Blue Planet is developing different products, but its principal area is capturing carbon dioxide of large emitters like fossil fuel or coal power plants but also from Portland cement plants. The idea is to reduce the CO2 footprint and at the same time produce useful products for the build environment.

Concrete.TV interviewed Brent Constantz about their calcium carbonate cement replacement which has “far superior” properties than Portland cement. Constantz is ambitiously attempting to transform cement and concrete, and also says they can look at ways of converting Co2 into a useful product, instead of treating it as a waste.

Blue Planet also produces an artificial limestone for asphalt, cement and roads. The company recently received an award from the Carbon Capture Challenge in Alberta in the category of solid materials for carbon capture.

Read this interesting blog by Alex Wilson, who listened to Constantz at an event in the US and questions whether this man can reinvent concrete.

For more information on Blue Sky:

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[CO2-absorbing cement ‘far superior than Portland cement’]

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