Concrete.TV speaks to Manda Nkuhlu on the housing crisis

29 October 2014

In his last job, Manda Nkuhlu was responsible for investing in housing developments on behalf of government. In the course of his work he saw what he was not supposed to see and in a remarkable act of heroic citizenship, raised his hand and blew the whistle. He tells his gripping story at the ACE/TCE 2015 Advisory Board meeting.

Here he shares his insights on the housing crisis in South Africa. “The housing issue in and around Africa is one of changing the story of the lifestyle and way of life of the people. How you bring them towards urbanisation, cities and so on without ostracising the people and way of life, their culture and traditions, so we try to find the balance between urbanisation without losing our Africanism. It’s more about building communities, building villages, rather than just providing housing,” says Manda. 

“It’s about how you provide housing solutions that are relevant to the context of the cities, the people and around them. So, there is truth is saying that the solution for Joburg vs Port Elizabeth are very different.

The background in terms of housing is growing far faster than the actual delivery. So within that, there needs to be more of a joint effort between government and the private sector. The construction sector needs to make sure they provide the efficiencies in terms of innovation in construction to ensure the delivery is sustainable.” 
Produced and filmed by www.Concrete.TV Nawaal Deane
Edited by Adrienne Taylor

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[Concrete.TV speaks to Mandla Nkuhlu on the housing crisis [construction]]

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