Daniel Silke – it’s Africa’s time to do business

18 June 2014

Daniel Silke takes the stand at the Totally Concrete Expo and shares his views on how its ‘Africa’s time’ to do business, taking advantage of new investment opportunities. He also talks about how China’s demand for commodities has forced Africa to step up their own game and how its investment is cause for African growth.   

More on Daniel Silke:
Daniel Silke is an Independent Political Analyst, Author and Keynote Speaker specializing in South African and International politics. He has a specialist interest in political parties and elections and is a renowned Futurist lecturing widely on issues surrounding global change, volatility and the future of the world. He is regarded within South Africa as one of that country’s leading political commentators and most passionate public speakers.

Filmed by: www.Concrete.TV staff

Edited and produced by: Anna Sacco, Senior Video Journalist, www.Concrete.TV

Edited on www.Concrete.TV by: Adrienne Taylor 

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