2015 Highlights from Africa’s only 3-storey concrete, cement and construction show

13 August 2015

Did you know that the 2015 African Construction and Totally Concrete Expos was Africa’s first-ever 3-storey expo which brought together the entire construction industry value chain from concrete technologist to consulting engineer?

The event showcased the ideas, innovations, products, technologies, services and solutions that are driving development and transformation in Africa’s built environment.
More than 5300 participants from 39 countries attended the African Construction and Totally Concrete Expos this year where over 160 industry experts addressed 810 conference delegates. We received overwhelming support from the industry with over 90 media and association organisations from across the continent partnering with us. There were over 250 exhibiting companies displaying an array of products across 3 exhibition floors.

Industry insights from the event uncovered foreign direct investment hotspots in Africa; mega-projects on the African continent include new residential and commercial developments in Ethiopia and concrete wind turbines in South Africa; and there will be 34 Mega-cities globally by 2025 and 76% of Mega-cities will be in the developing world.

To gain more industry insights make sure to attend the fourth annual edition of the African Construction and Totally Concrete Expos in 2016 where you can generate sales leads; expand your supplier network; and build business relationships.

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